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# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
#   lp.py - methods used by requestsync while interacting
#           directly with Launchpad
#   Copyright © 2009 Michael Bienia <geser@ubuntu.com>
#   This module may contain code written by other authors/contributors to
#   the main requestsync script. See there for their names.
#   This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
#   modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License
#   as published by the Free Software Foundation; version 2
#   This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
#   but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
#   GNU General Public License for more details.
#   Please see the /usr/share/common-licenses/GPL-2 file for the full text
#   of the GNU General Public License license.

from ubuntutools.requestsync.common import raw_input_exit_on_ctrlc
from ubuntutools.lp.lpapicache import Launchpad, Distribution, PersonTeam, DistributionSourcePackage
from ubuntutools.lp.libsupport import translate_api_web

def getDebianSrcPkg(name, release):
      debian = Distribution('debian')
      debian_archive = debian.getArchive()

      # Map 'unstable' and 'testing' to their codenames as LP knows only them
      codenames = {
            'unstable': 'sid',
            'testing': 'squeeze', # Needs updating after each Debian release
      release = codenames.get(release, release)

      return debian_archive.getSourcePackage(name, release)

def getUbuntuSrcPkg(name, release):
      ubuntu = Distribution('ubuntu')
      ubuntu_archive = ubuntu.getArchive()

      return ubuntu_archive.getSourcePackage(name, release)

def needSponsorship(name, component, release):
      Check if the user has upload permissions for either the package
      itself or the component
      archive = Distribution('ubuntu').getArchive()
        distroseries = Distribution('ubuntu').getSeries(release)

      need_sponsor = not PersonTeam.me.canUploadPackage(archive, distroseries, name, component)
      if need_sponsor:
            print '''You are not able to upload this package directly to Ubuntu.
Your sync request shall require an approval by a member of the appropriate
sponsorship team, who shall be subscribed to this bug report.
This must be done before it can be processed by a member of the Ubuntu Archive
            raw_input_exit_on_ctrlc('If the above is correct please press [Enter] ')

      return need_sponsor

def checkExistingReports(srcpkg):
      Check existing bug reports on Launchpad for a possible sync request.

      If found ask for confirmation on filing a request.

      # Fetch the package's bug list from Launchpad
      pkg = Distribution('ubuntu').getSourcePackage(name = srcpkg)
      pkgBugList = pkg.getBugTasks()

      # Search bug list for other sync requests.
      for bug in pkgBugList:
            # check for Sync or sync and the package name
            if not bug.is_complete and 'ync %s' % srcpkg in bug.title:
                  print 'The following bug could be a possible duplicate sync bug on Launchpad:'
                  print ' * %s (%s)' % \
                        (bug.title, translate_api_web(bug.self_link))
                  print 'Please check the above URL to verify this before continuing.'
                  raw_input_exit_on_ctrlc('Press [Enter] to continue or [Ctrl-C] to abort. ')

def postBug(srcpkg, subscribe, status, bugtitle, bugtext):
      Use the LP API to file the sync request.

      print 'The final report is:\nSummary: %s\nDescription:\n%s\n' % (bugtitle, bugtext)
      raw_input_exit_on_ctrlc('Press [Enter] to continue or [Ctrl-C] to abort. ')

      if srcpkg:
            bug_target = DistributionSourcePackage(
                  '%subuntu/+source/%s' % (Launchpad._root_uri, srcpkg))
            # new source package
            bug_target = Distribution('ubuntu')

      # create bug
      bug = Launchpad.bugs.createBug(title = bugtitle, description = bugtext, target = bug_target())

      # newly created bugreports have only one task
      task = bug.bug_tasks[0]
      # only members of ubuntu-bugcontrol can set importance
      if PersonTeam.me.isLpTeamMember('ubuntu-bugcontrol'):
            task.importance = 'Wishlist'
      task.status = status

      bug.subscribe(person = PersonTeam(subscribe)())

      print 'Sync request filed as bug #%i: %s' % (bug.id,

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